Campaign and Types

EvolveAR CMS allows the users to create exciting and interactive experiences for customers and public.

Every AR experience is termed as a “campaign” on the CMS. Campaigns are a way to market and advertise products through creating Augmented Reality experiences. User has the option to select from a variety of content options to be placed in AR environment. The users can create fascinating experiences by either selecting pre-defined widgets or by creating their own interactive options.

Each campaign is assigned a unique “Vision Code” that can be scanned by the customers through the EvolveAR mobile applications.

The code is used to identify a campaign and is printed and placed in real environment. The code is unique in its recognition and design and allows the users to brand their AR experience.

The user has the option to create two types of campaigns:

  1. Marker/tracker Based Campaigns
  2. Marker-less/tracker-less Campaigns




For more details related to marker less type visit

For more details related to marker based type visit

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