EvolveAR System

EvolveAR Content Management System

The EvolveAR CMS is a platform that enables the users to create and publish Augmented Reality Content. The eco-system of the EvolveAR platform includes a CMS and a mobile application (iOS and Android). The users can create campaigns on the CMS and publish over the mobile application that is available for the public to use. Thats way they can get their Augmented Reality content out for the public to view and share.

EvolveAR Scanner

The EvolveAR mobile application which is EvolveAR Scanner supports a variety of content that can be created over the CMS. We aim to make sure that the application viewers get an amazing experience and interactivity with the created and published campaigns by digital agencies.

EvolveAR Analytics

The CMS not only offers quality content creation with easy-to-use controls but also tracks user interaction with a published campaign. This allows the publishing agencies to keep track of user engagement metrics that help them create better content which has more conversion and interaction rate.

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