All the created AR experiences can be viewed through the EvolveAR mobile application that comes with our unique EvolveAR viewer which will scan and play the campaign on a specified surface. The featues of EvolveAR Scanner are as follows:

  • Code Scan: 

The user places the camera in view of the vision code printed over a marker or a surface. The user presses the scan button and starts reading the vision code. Once the code is recognized, the app communicates the code value to the server. The server sends the campaigns assets and data back to the application. Then the application displays the campaign data in the orientation received with the instructions.

  • Camera Flash On/Off:

The user clicks the “flash” icon to turn the camera flash from the mobile on or off.

  • Screen Capture:

The user clicks the “capture” icon to take a snapshot of the mobile screen view. The screenshot is directly stored in the mobile phone’s local memory

  • Vision Code Rescan/Reset:

The user presses the “rescan/reset” button to re-view the campaign from the beginning. The campaign stops playing and the mobile app resets the campaign view. The user scans the vision code again and campaign starts playing from the beginning again.

  • Add to Favourites:

The user clicks on the “add to favourites” icon to mark the campaign as their favourite so they can view again later on the mobile application without the vision code or marker.

  • Recents:

User selects "recents" from the side menu from where he can view the campaign again later on the mobile application without the vision code or marker.

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