Profile Settings

The user profile represents the user personal details for the CMS. Bydefault, when a new user registers, they are considered as an admin of their account/agency.

The following details are available in the profile section of the user:

  1. User name
  2. Account Picture
  3. Email Address
  4. Password
  5. Email Settings

Account Picture:

User can add the picture, edit the picture or delete the account picture.

Email Updation:

Profile section consists of options related to the user account. User can change or update its email address which he/she wants to use for signing purpose.

Password Updation:

User can also change his/her password by providing the required credentials which are old password, new passwpord and confirm password.

Email Settings:

User can also change the email settings which are connected to its account. User can select the email types which he/she wish to review, or opt-out of all application Evolve emails.The settings are listed below:

  • Subscribe to Evolve Newsletter: 

                                      The user can get subscription for EvolveAR's newsletter which will keep you up to date with developments in our company. They will get every information through email.

  • Subscribe to Evolve weekly reports:

                                      The user can get weekly reports via email by checking this setting. they will be able to get all the analytics monthly reports for future insights.


Social Login Integration

And as our EvolveAR CMS comes with social login integration features that enable users to sync their social account with the current CMS account. It is important to note that the user must have an existing CMS account before linking up their social account with it.

The users can simply go to profile section and add their social account email address in the respective section. Our system will verify the user email address and link their social account with their current CMS account.



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