User can create multiple scene campaigns and can add different types of content in them. There are some features related to scenes which are mentioned below:

  • Add Scene: Allows users to create multiple scenes and place content on each scene. Scenes are used to build a sequence of campaign content
  • Delete Scene: Allows the user to delete the scene if it is no longer needed                                                      

  • Scene Properties: The scene properties include basic scene details like name and marker image. The section also enables user to download the marker or edit the vision code position on the marker image.                                                                                              
  • Scene Tracker: This section displays the tracker which the user has uploaded. And the user can also set the position of vision code on the tracker
  • Tracker and Grid Opacity: User can change the opacity value of tracker and grid for every scene.       


  • 2D and 3D view of scene: User can view different angles of scene by switching the 2D and 3D view and can place the assets as required.
  • Scene Transition: The section is used to add basic animations on the scenes to be displayed to the viewer. Transitions allow users to add visual appeal and affects to their content. There are two types of transitions:
  1. Transition-In
  2. Transition-out

Each transition has a set of animations that can be specified for their duration of play and delay to build a sequence of animations.     



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