Trackerless Campaigns

Tracker-less/Marker-less campaigns are those campaigns that do not require any tracking image for the campaign to run. But this type of campaign is only supported by those mobile devices that have depth sensing cameras available in them.

How it works, is that the camera maps the real world into and augmented space and allows the customer to place digital content in the space and interact with it.

To run such type of campaign, the customer needs to scan the ground to tell the mobile application about a solid surface on which the content will be placed.

Then the customer can drop digital content on the ground and view it in their real-time environment.

Each campaign similarly has its own unique vision code that tells the mobile application what type of campaign it is and how will it be displayed.

The mobile application then prompts the user to scan a solid ground surface and start placing their content on that scanned surface.

In such type of campaigns, the camera and application maps the real environment with the perception of depth into a translatable space that allows the application to understand the position of the customer and the placed content in the Augmented Space.

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