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All the created AR experiences can be viewed through the EvolveAR mobile application that comes with our unique EvolveAR  viewer which will scan and play the campaign on a specified surface. However, we also offer our services to embed our EvolveAR scanner into existing applications (IOS, Android) to make them AR compatible. Ofcourse, the hardware limitations of mobile devices do play an important role into the integration and compatibility.

EvolveAR Scanner is used to scan both marker based and marker less campaigns from our players which are embedded in it.

Marker-base Player

In marker-base player, The user places the camera in view of the vision code printed over a marker or a surface. The user presses the scan button and starts reading the vision code. Once the code is recognized, the app communicates the code value to the server. The server sends the campaigns assets and data back to the application. Then the application displays the campaign data in the orientation received with the instructions.

Marker-less Player

In marker-less player, the camera maps the real world into and augmented space and allows the user to place digital content in the space and interact with it. To run such type of campaign, the user needs to scan the ground to tell the mobile application about a solid surface on which the content will be placed. Then the user can drop digital content on the ground and view it in their real-time environment.

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