Team Access Levels

EvolveAR allows you to fully collaborate with your team throughout the AR creation process. Your team members can create AR campaign, view AR campaign, edit AR campaigns, publish AR campaigns and they can even delete created and published AR campaigns. You can add members to your team and assign different access levels to them according to your needs.


Permissions For Access Levels

EvolveAR CMS offers users three access levels and the permissions attached to them are as follows:


       1. Admin:

  • The admin has all access to the system that prominently includes analytics and subscriptions
  • The admin can add admins, creators, and editors to the team
  • The admins can also delete members without restrictions
  • Admins are also eligible to download our EvolveAR analytics app and view reports on the go on their mobile devices without having the need login to the CMS


       2. Creator:

  • A creator access level is for team members that can create, edit and delete augmented reality campaigns
  • A creator can add more creators and editor to the team


       3. Editor:

  • An editor access level is for team members that can only edit an existing campaign



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