Each asset used on the CMS has a set of features that can be set according to user’s preferences. To add interacability into your content,  the section of “Interactions” serves the purpose. In this section, there are a set of actions specified which can be selected based on the type of interaction youre looking to associate with your content. The section is placed on the right side of the Creator screen.

Our EvolveAR CMS comes with social media integration features that enable users to sync their social media accounts with the current CMS account. It is important to note that the user must have an existing CMS account before linking up their social account with it.

The users can simply go to account settings and add their social media email address in the respective section. Our system will verify the user email address and link their social media account with their current CMS account. 


Vision Code is our unique identification code for your campaign. Each of the campaign created on our CMS is assigned a special code for our AR viewer to read and identify the content required. This not only offers unique branding but also content security for our users as only our AR viewer is able to identify the campaign and provide users with the ultimate AR experience. It is important for users to place the vision code in a readable manner for the AR viewer to run the campaign regardless of campaign type.

We do recommend placing vision code on the tracker image for tracker campaigns and for trackerless, it can be anywhere.

Smart projects are pre-built content sets that can be used as templates by the users to speed up their content creation pace. Smart-projects contain pre-selected assets which the users can replace with their own files and add interactions to them without having to start from scratch for each new campaign. Each of our campaign category offers multiple smart projects than can be used to create a variety of campaigns with endless possibilities. The users can however also choose start a new empty project according to their needs.

You can change your subscription plan from your “Profile” section and also from “Subscription Plans” section. You can also compare different available plan and choose the one which suits best to your requirements and can enjoy the benefits attached to it.

For more details regarding pricing plans, visit:


Our EvolveAR CMS works with almost all of the latest mobile devices but there are a few exceptions to the list due to hardware and processing capabilities. For IOS, our VAR player works with Iphone 6 and above while with Android, the mobile device needs to have an Android version of 8.0 atleast.

Please contact our support team for more details on supported and compatible devices:


We offer a comprehensive analytics section for your published campaigns. We make sure our users get their reports timely and with accuracy. Analytics for a campaign are available within or after 24 hrs of publishing the campaign.

We offer a separate dashboard for campaign analytics that offers generic and detailed reports for all published campaigns. The section can be accessed by clicking “options” icon on each campaign and selecting “View analytics option”.

EvolveAR CMS admins also have the option to download our AR analytics app and view analytical reports on their mobile devices.

To know more about our report types and data analytics, please read our documentation on:


The choice is completely up to you. You can choose how long your campaign will be live. You can change the status of your campaign anytime you want by clicking on campaign options icon on the dashboard. 

Yes you can as we aim to provide ease to our users. There are two ways you can preview your campaigns.

  1. You can preview your campaign when creating experiences by clicking the “preview” button on top navigation menu. This will download a sample of vision code attached to your tracker (or simply a vision code in case of tracker less). You can scan the vision code and preview your campaign before publishing.

     2. You can download a preview from the main dashboard as well by clicking the “preview” option on the campaign      settings.


Your subscription plan defines the number seats available to share with your colleagues. We have multiple packages and offers that are designed according to the needs of multiple types of organizations and clients.

Each subscription plan allows a set of seats available for the user to share with their colleagues and build up teams by sending invites.

To find a more suited subscription plan for your team, please contact our support team for assistance:


VAR CMS offers users three access levels:

  1. Admin: The admin has all access of the system that prominently include analytics and subscriptions. The admins can also add/delete members without restrictions. Admins are also eligible to download our AR analytics app and view reports on the go on their mobile devices without having the need login to the CMS

  2. Creator: A creator access level is for team members that can create, edit and delete campaigns.

  3. Editor: An editor access level is for team members that can only edit an existing campaign.

Yes, EvolveAR allows you to fully collaborate with your team throughout the AR creation process. You can add members to your team and assign different access levels to them according to your needs.

All the created AR experiences can be viewed through the AR mobile application that comes with our unique AR viewer which will scan and play the campaign on a specified surface. However, we also offer our services to embed our AR scanner into existing applications (IOS, Android) to make them AR compatible. Ofcourse, the hardware limitations of mobile devices do play an important role into the integration and compatibility.

To integrate our AR scanner into your application, please get in touch with us on:

For more details visit: https://www.evolvear.io/augmented-reality-scanner

EvolveAR CMS supports 3D models of .GLB format only. It is required that the users convert their 3D model files to .glb before uploading on CMS for AR experience.

For more information on conversion formats and troubleshooting, please contact our support team:


EvolveAR supports the following assets that can be used in your campaigns:

  1. Videos

  2. 360 Videos

  3. Image

  4. Photo album

  5. 3D models

  6. Text box

  7. Button

  8. Sound

Our solution has taken two independent AR technologies and provided ease for users to publish according their nature and choice of view. The two types of campaigns offer different set of features and functionalities to the creator.

Tracker campaigns use the AR technology of placing your created content on a recognizable image.  The image can be used as a billboard, brochure, packaging etc. The image defines the area and placement of the content. These types of campaigns are most useful for users that are looking to bring a real world images to life and place interactive options on it.

Trackerless campaigns use the AR technology of placing your content on real world surface. The content is placed on a detectable ground surface with real world orientation and mapping. These types of campaigns are suitable for users looking to place 3D models into real world environments.

For more detailed notes on how our technologies work together, please read our documentation on:


Users have the choice to assign categories to the campaigns they create on our CMS. The categories target multiple business verticals and allow users to specify their target market. This makes the campaign viewership analytics more efficient and accurate for business analysis. 

Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment which allows digital information like videos, photos, links, games, widgets etc. to be presented on top of real physical world items when viewed through the lens of a compatible smartphone (iOS and Android), tablet or wearable device. With the help of Augmented Reality, you can bring all your physical materials, packaging and even your products to life.

The EvolveAR CMS is a platform that enables the users to create and publish Augmented Reality Content. The eco-system of the AR platform includes a CMS and a mobile application (iOS and Android). The users can create campaigns on the CMS and publish over the mobile application that is available for the public to use. That way they can get their Augmented Reality content out for the public to view and share.