Application Features

All the created AR experiences can be viewed through the EvolveAR mobile application that comes with our unique EvolveAR viewer which will scan and play the campaign.

The mobile application comes with the following features for viewers:

  • EvolveAR Scanner: 

The EvolveAR scanner detects tracker images for your campaign. Once the matching images are detected, the scanner utilizes the AR player to display your campaign over the tracking images.


                                          Application Features


  • Screen Capture:

EvolveAR application offers you the features to record and capture your AR experience. You can take a snapshot or record a video of an AR experience and share with your friends over social media.


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  • Rescan/Reset:

The feature is used to reset your AR environment so you can exit your current AR experience and begin another.


  • Add to Favourites:

While viewing exciting experiences offered by EvolveAR, you might come across stunning campaigns. With this feature, you can mark campaigns as your favorite to show your support for the content creators and save them to view again later. 


                                                      Application Features 2


  • Recent:

All the campaigns and experiences you view with EvolveAR are kept in the recent section for you to view again without having to scan the tracking image again and again.


  • AR Gallery:

Our exclusive AR Gallery showcases multiple new and interactive AR experiences that you can experience, user can view AR 


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