Asset Interactions

Assets uploaded on your campaign can be given interactions that specify how viewers will interact with assets within your experience. The asset interactions section is displayed on the right side of the creator window.


Interactions are triggered based on viewer activity. Triggers are defined as action events on which the user can interact with your content. There are two types of interaction triggers:

  1. On Tap: This event triggers an interaction when the user taps your content in the AR environment
  2. On Finish: This event triggers an interaction after the user has viewed a multi-media file (primarily videos). The interaction is triggered after the file has finished playing.


The following list describes all the interactions that can be selected for assets. Keep in mind that each asset has its own set of unique interactions and only one interaction can be set of each individual asset. 

  1. Nothing: You can set this to prevent any interactivity your uploaded asset
  2. Enlarge: This interaction allows the viewers to view your asset in full screen.
  3. Go to Scene: This interaction will shift the viewers display to a new scene and display content for the newly loaded scene. This option is useful when you wish to create Multi-scene campaigns. Read the article for more details on single and multiple scenes:
  4. Link To: Allows you to add URLs which will direct the viewer to your specified link.
  5. Dial Phone Number: Allows you to specify a phone number on the CMS. When the viewers interact with your asset, a call will be initiated to the specified phone number.
  6. Compose Email: Allows you to specify an email address on which the viewers can send in-app emails to contact you. The interaction opens up the email application on the viewer's device from which they can send an email to the specified address
  7. Save Contact: Allows you to specify a contact profile that the viewers can save on their mobile device. When the viewers interact with your asset, a prompt will show your contact profile and will provide the viewers with the option to save that contact on the phone.
  8. Add to Calendar: Allows you to create an event for a specific date and location. When the viewers interact with your asset, a prompt will ask them to save an upcoming event into their calendar. The viewers can save that event into their local phone based calendar app.
  9. File Upload: You can upload a file to display to the viewers in an augmented environment. The file will open when the viewers interact with your asset.
  10. Host App Message: You can specify a message that appears on the mobile screen as a popup message on the viewer device
  11. Display Details Box: Opens up a details box right next to your asset for the viewers to view the details for the uploaded asset. The details box displays the description text set by you on the CMS.
  12. Play Sound: Allows you to upload an MP3 sound that will play as a result of viewer interaction with your asset.


To view specific interaction for each asset type and their supported file formats, please view the details in the Assets Section:




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