Asset Transitions

Assets uploaded on your campaign can be given a transition/animation values that define the presentation of your content in the experience.

Transitions are used to add pre-designed brief animations for your content. Transitions help you make your content more presentable and eye catching. You can use transitions to create a sequence of animations for your content that will play in the defined sequence to the viewer.


There are two types of transitions:

  1. Transition-In: The transition is played as an animation to display the content before the assets and content is displayed on the allocated scene of the campaign
  2. Transition-Out: The transition is played after the asset has been displayed on the allocated scene of the campaign


Each of the transition types is affected by two values that determine when the asset transition will play and for how long the animation/transition will play for the content.

  1. Delay: The value determines the time after when the transition will begin. The reference by which delay for your transition is calculated is by the start of the scene. Meaning that setting any value of the delay will be in direct correspondence with the beginning of the scene, after which the given delay will be calculated to play the asset transition.
  2. Duration: This value specifies how long the transition will be in effect. The value is triggered as soon as the transition begins to play. The duration specifies the total length of the animation time frame.

Available Transitions:

Below mentioned are the pre-defined transitions that can be used to add presentation effects to your content:

  1. Fade In – Out
  2. Slide In – Out from left
  3. Slide In – Out from right
  4. Slide In – Out from top
  5. Slide In – Out from bottom
  6. Scale up with fade
  7. Scale down with fade
Asset Transitions