Augmentable Tracker Images

Image augmentation enables you to specify a reference 2D image over which digital content such as images, videos, 3D models, sounds and buttons can be displayed in viewer's environment. These augmentable 2D images are termed as tracker images. 

A tracker image is used to create an interactive augmented reality based experience in which viewers can interact with multiple types of digital content placed over and around the tracker.


Tracker image should follow the rules mention below:

  1. Image size should not be greater than 3mb.
  2. Augmented Images supports PNG and JPEG file formats. For JPEG files, avoid heavy compression for best performance.
  3. Detection is solely based on points of high contrast, so both color and black & white images are detected, regardless of whether a color or black & white reference image is used.


There is some recommendation to enhance the tracking of image:

  1. It’s better to use the Image which is not simple and unbalanced
  2. Try to Avoid using images with sparse features.
  3. Try to Avoid using images with repetitive features.




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