EvolveAR Campaign Analytics

We offer a comprehensive analytics section for your published campaigns. We make sure our users get their reports timely and with accuracy. Analytics for a campaign are available within or after 24 hrs of publishing the campaign.

We offer a separate dashboard for campaign analytics that offers generic and detailed reports for all published campaigns. The section can be accessed by clicking “options” icon on each campaign and selecting “View analytics option”.

EvolveAR CMS admins also have the option to download our EvolveAR analytics app and view analytical reports on their mobile devices.

EvolveAR Analytics provides numerous reports which provides insights about the target audience, their specific behavior and insights related to campaigns. Any user can user the historical data provided by the application to predict their growth and opportunities. 


The types of reports are mentioned below:

  • Real-time Analytics: It allows the user to know the statistics related to daily sessions and campaign views. 

  • Audience Geographic: It gives information based on the geographic areas of the users like their country, city language etc.

  • Audience Demographics: It gives insights about the demograhics factors of the audience such as age, gender etc.

  • Campaign Activity: It gives insights about the activities performed related to campaigns. It will tell about goal completion, campaign views, assets types etc.

  • Opportunity Funnel: This report is used to make customer segements based on the common grounds which will help the business for marketing insights

  • Marketing Insights: It gives useful insights related to the marketing purpose that how any business can use data from all reports in order to target their audience and achieve their strategic goals and objectives. It tells that which asset and interaction is going more viral and capturing the minds of their audience. 

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