Introduction to EvolveAR System

EvolveAR is an AR content creation and publishing platform that targets multiple business verticals with ease-of-use, AR specified viewer interactions and system flexibility for users to create stunning AR experiences. 

The EvolveAR system is comprised of the following sub-systems/applications to create, publish and analyze your campaign views:


EvolveAR Content Management System

The EvolveAR CMS is an augmented reality content creation and publishing platform that empowers you to create your own branded AR campaigns and roll-out over the mobile application for public viewership. The CMS enables you to build and manage your own teams, the available seats vary based on your subscription.

Multiple media content types are available along with a list of available interactions to choose from. By defining interactions for your content, you can generate a complete immersive experience of how viewers will interact with your content in an Augmented environment.

EvolveAR also provides you insights related to public viewership of your campaign/experience. These insights help you build a marketing strategy for your campaigns that is more appealing towards public viewership and can boost your campaign’s popularity.


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EvolveAR Mobile application

The EvolveAR mobile application comes with an integrated AR player that supports a variety of content that can be created for an interactive experience. We aim to make sure that the application viewers get an amazing experience and interactivity with the created and published campaigns by digital agencies.

Evolve mobile application enables viewers to view your published AR campaigns in the comfort of their own space. Our AR player computes and places your digital content over the augmented surface in real time for a complete immersive experience.

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