Photo Album

Our EvolveAR Creator supports the display of Photo Albums that are displayed in an Augmented Reality environment.

Supported Formats:

Our EvolveAR Creator supports the following formats for images to be uploaded in an album:

  1. JPEG
  2. JPG
  3. PNG

Upload Recommendations:

To make your experience compact and seamless in performance, we recommend compressing your assets before uploading on the EvolveAR Creator.

Maximum allowed size: 1 MB

Preferred Resolution: 600 x 600

Images per album: 10 Images


The Album Asset holds the following properties which are displayed on our EvolveAR Creator.

  1. Image Preview: Allows users to preview the uploaded image in the album
  2. Replace and Remove Images: The option allows users to replace the images within the photo album with new files. The user can also remove images from the album
  3. Album Name: Allows users to set the album name


When a viewer taps on the album, they can view the complete gallery in full screen. The gallery allows the users to swipe right and left between images.


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