Our EvolveAR Creator supports the use of Text asset that can be displayed in an augmented reality environment. 

A text asset allows the users to write a string of characters that will be displayed in an Augmented reality environment.


  1. Text Body: The text box where you can specify and write text of your choice to be displayed to the viewer

  2. Text Color Selector: The color selector helps you select the color of the text body. You can select from pre-defined colors or open up the color picker to select a more specific color according to your needs

  3. Text Alignment: You can select the alignment of your text for left, centered or right aligned. The alignment works with the display box of your text body.

  4. Font: You can select a font type for your text from our provided list of supported font families

  • Sans Serif

  • Serif

  • Slab Serif

  • Script

  • Comic

  • Poster

  • Fancy


We offer a variety of interactions for each asset. Below mentioned are the type of interactions that you can use to add interactivity with your Text asset

Each of the following interaction is triggered when your viewers Tap on your Text asset in the Augmented Reality environment:

  1. Enlarge

  2. Go to Scene

  3. Link To

  4. Dial Phone Number

  5. Compose Email

  6. Save Contact

  7. Add to Calendar

  8. File Upload

  9. Host App Message


For more details on the interactions and their impact on assets, please see the related article: help.evolvear.io/articles/asset-interactions

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