Viewing AR Content

The EvolveAR mobile application comes with our unique AR scanner that detects your environment and displays AR content.
AR content can be differentiated into the following categories:

1. Marker/ Tracker Based AR:

The marker based AR experiences are displayed over a tracking image. The content is aligned according to the image size and dimensions. The tracking image is essential for such experiences as they work on image recognition. As long as the recognized image is in the camera frame, the experience will run smoothly over the image.

To view a Tracker based AR experience:

  • Scan the tracking image with the EvolveAR scanner. The image will be scanned and matched for landmark quantity and quality.
  • Once the image is detected as a valid tracking image from the list of project representative markers, content downloading will begin
  • It is vital to have a stable internet connection while the experience content is being downloaded
  • Once the content has been downloaded, the digital assets for the experience will begin appearing on the tracking image.
  • The digital content is available in a complete 3D view

2 . Surface Based AR:

The surface based AR experiences are displayed over a real-world plane surface. The experience works by detecting a plane surface in your room or outside and placing your digital content over that real-world environment.

Basically, you then interact with the digital content in a completely immersive way and in your own environment. Such experiences are also termed as marker-less/tracker-less AR experiences.

To view a surface/marker-less based AR experience:

  • Scan a plane surface in your surroundings. It is recommended that the surface is flat and well lit but not shiny or reflective.
  • Drag and drop virtual content over the detected flat surface
  • You can reposition and view the virtual content from a complete 3D perspective.