Our EvolveAR Creator supports the use of Sound files that are played in an Augmented Reality environment.

Supported Formats:

Our EvolveAR Creator supports the following sound format:

  1. MP3

Upload Recommendations:

To make your experience compact and seamless in performance, we recommend compressing your assets before uploading on the EvolveAR Creator.

Maximum allowed size: 2 MB

Miminum Bit rate: 192 Kbps


The sound asset has the following properties which are displayed on our EvolveAR Creator.

  1. Sound Name: Allows the user to set a file name for the uploaded sound asset

  2. Preview Sound: Allows the user to play the uploaded sound file to preview the quality and verify for public viewership

  3. Replace Sound: Allows the user to replace the sound asset with a new uploaded file in case the sound does not match the user requirements for the experience.


We offer a variety of interactions for each asset. Below mentioned are the type of interactions that you can use to add interactivity with your uploaded sound asset. 

Each of the following interaction is triggered when your sound asset finishes playing in the Augmented Reality environment:

  1. Go to Scene

  2. Link to

  3. Host App Message

For more details on the interactions and their impact on assets, please see the related article:

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